Winning Poker Hands – Play Wisely and Learn the Way of Wining

Winning Poker Hands

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Being in poker games is all about winning. The key goal that the gamer needs to achieve is to combine “the hand” that will grant him the victory. This is the game that uses cards as the gaming instrument so this hand is the particular combo of five cards. There are around nine existing combos that have their particular succession and are common for almost every kind of poker game.

It is very easy and convenient to enjoy this game from home. All poker websites offer the great quality, functionality, and support for all gamers. So the only thing you need to do is to switch on your device, open the game, and create your poker hands for win.

Rules of the game

Let’s describe the main flow of the game on the illustration of Texas Hold’em – the most played type:

  • gamblers are given two cards;
  • the first circle of betting happens and gamers make their moves in accordance with the already distributed cards and the hand they hope to create;
  • in the next circles, three cards, then one card, and then another card are distributed in the middle of the table, and with each move of the croupier, the gamers make their moves;
  • finally, the outcome is estimated and the winning hand is established.

Understanding the consecution of hands helps the gamers to value their chances and make better moves.

The consecution of hands

The consecution of hands, as well as their composition, is the same for all poker games, so every player can learn them once and for all:

  1. High card – one card that is the highest is compared – the lowest possible hand;
  2. One pair – two cards are identic;
  3. Two pair – twice two different cards are identic;
  4. Three of a kind – three cards are identic;
  5. Straight – five cards with any backs are in the increasing order;
  6. Flush – five cards have the identic back;
  7. Full house – two cards and other three cards are identic;
  8. Four of a kind – four cards are identic;
  9. Straight flush – five cards with the identic back are in the increasing order;
  10. Royal flush – a 10 to A have the identic back – it belongs to the best winning poker hands.

The lower combo can be beaten by all the combos above it. If gamers created two combos with the same weight, those hands are compared thoroughly. The winning combo has higher cards. If the combos are totally identic, the cards outside the combos are matched. If one of the gamers has the higher card on his hands, that gamer succeeds. If this card is among those common ones on the table, there is a tie between gamers and they both share the winning pool.

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