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Apple tvOS 11: Everything That We Know So Far

By ioslogin / a few months ago

tvOS 11: Apple’s newest operating system for the Apple TV was first rolled out in 2015, named as the tvOS 9. While the new platform brought in a host of new features to make Apple TV a much more convenient platform, it still left a lot to be desired. Understandably, then, many were looking forward to the next update. But while what Apple rolled out in 2016 improved upon a lot of the existing features of the tvOS 9, it wasn’t exactly a truly exciting update.

tvOS 11

Apple tvOS 11

Regardless, the tvOS is undoubtedly a great platform, and there is a lot that we can expect from the update lined up for 2017. This year,  Apple celebrates their tenth year anniversary of the iPhone, making the upcoming WWDC event a very anticipated one for Apple’s loyalists. But will the Cupertino-based company limit its most fantastic revelations only to the iPhone? We think not, for, in the last couple of years, Apple has progressively been trying to sync all of their portable offerings together. And if the iPhone, one of the most used devices from the company, undergoes a significant change, other electronics and their accompanying software platforms will require to do the same if they have to be unified. So perhaps 2017 is the year when we’ll see the tvOS take things up by several notches with the tvOS 11. But while we’re not sure of what system hikes Apple will incorporate in tvOS 11, there are a few things that users want to see. So read on to know about our tvOS 11 Wishlist.

tvOS 11 New Features Wishlist

As 2016 was a rather tame year for the tvOS, we expect to see some leaps on the improvement front in the tvOS 11. This is because, in 2016, the update looked like it was aimed at making minor improvements to the existing functions rather than bring in some major new features. And they did work on some of the issues plaguing the tvOS 9. But for the tvOS 11, fans are hoping for a major redesign. Among some of the other things that we hope to see are these.

Make the Siri Search Better

Siri was brought to the Apple TV with the advent of the tvOS 11, but considering all that the voice AI from Apple can do on the macOS Sierra, its abilities on the tvOS 10 are rather limited. The fact is, you can use Siri on the tvOS 10 for searching third-party apps like YouTube as well. But we would like to see this feature undergo a massive growth for the tvOS 11. Also, Siri should be able to deal with multiple queries in a single search better.

Additionally, Siri on tvOS 11 should be given an update for text control as well. Apple’s newly integrated Dark Mode allows users to watch their shows without bathing the room in light, which may end up disturbing anyone who’s trying to get some sleep right next to you. And this is exactly why we think communicating with Siri through text will be a good thing to have when you don’t want to speak out, for whatever reason it might be.

4K Support

If Apple wants to do something major with tvOS 11, this one would really help hit the mark. With nearly everyone trying to step into the 4K game, Apple would set a new milestone if they manage to bring in 4K Ultra HD support with the tvOS 11. However, even though fans want to see this make an entry right away, it might take some time.

Handoff for Seamless Switching

In today’s date, increased compatibility and unification are what the biggest companies are aiming for with most of their devices and core features, but this is something that we sorely miss in the Apple TV. Handoff works great on the macOS with support for a number of apps, but the tvOS 10 falls behind on this aspect. So for the tvOS 11, it makes sense to bring this feature into the Apple TV so that we can begin exactly where we left off watching something on another Apple device.

tvOS 11 Beta and Release Date

The tvOS 10 was released in September last year after several months in Beta. Both generations of the tvOS were first announced by Apple during their WWDC software meet, where the company showcases their unique ideas and technologies every year. tvOS 9 was announced in 2015, with tvOS 10 following in 2016. In that vein, we expect the tvOS 11 to be officially announced during the WWDC 2017, where the creators are also going to announce the highly anticipated iOS 11 and macOS 10.13. The event will likely be held this year in June like the past iterations, and after the announcement, users will be able to try out the Beta version sometime beginning in July or August. In light of tvOS 9 and tvOS 10 in the past, the final version should be launched in mid-September, 2017.

Users who are currently on tvOS 10 will be able to update to the latest version through a free download. Your Apple TV will show you a prompt whenever it is available for you.

Wrap Up

We fully anticipate tvOS 11 to be the next big thing to happen to the Apple TV. While the last update was clearly a satisfactory one, it could not live up to being anything more than that. We are certain that with the tvOS 11, the Apple TV will get a whole new look and a lot of new features that will make tv watching a next level experience.

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