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macOS 10.13: Everything That We Now Till Now

By ioslogin / a few months ago

Apple macOS 10.13: Apple’s last major operating system update, the macOS 10.12 (titled macOS Sierra), ushered in a new generation. In 2016, what was previously known as the macOS X, was renamed simply to macOS to be comparable with Apple’s other major platforms (like iOS, for instance). The macOS Sierra was announced during the WWDC 2016, with the new software being made available through a free update for mac OS X users from September 20, 2016. But with us already being ankle-deep into 2017, Apple loyalists.

macOS 10.13

macOS 10.13 Release Date

The macOS Sierra brought in a lot of changes and additional features to the MacBook’s software, with a focus on the conveniences of iCloud, and of course, the inclusion of Siri to the MacBook. All in all, Mac users were pretty satisfied with the new macOS 10.12. But with us already being ankle-deep into 2017, Apple loyalists are already looking ahead to what new features Apple’s next yearly update, tentatively called the macOS 10.13, will herald in.

macOS 10.13 New Features and Wishlist

As all Apple users know, the Cupertino-based company has adhered to a routine that they have created for themselves. Though there have been slight variations from time to time to shake things up a little, or just to roll out a great new update, we can more or less expect the macOS 10.13 to come out later in 2017. One other notable thing is that since 2013, Apple has started renaming their OS updates after some of the most recognized landmarks from every corner in California, and we can expect the same for macOS 10.13 as well, as the state is not running out of heritage sites anytime soon. But what really interests fans is all the new features that will find their way into the new update. We all know that Apple has a reputation for keeping the secrets regarding any of their upcoming projects extremely well guarded, so we won’t be getting a real clue until the Beta is rolled out. But there are some new additions that could well be some of the most sought after by Mac users. You can find these below.

Improved Siri Integration

Others have already done it, and we don’t see why Apple should not do this one either. macOS Sierra was the first update to bring Siri into our computers, and quite honestly, the function was a welcome one. Siri’s abilities on the MacBook were significant, especially when trying to sort through files using your voice. But overall, the function on the macOS 10.12 is not as smooth as we would have liked. Many times our searches would return nothing, and to make sure Siri did what we asked it to do, we would have to term our phrases carefully. So for the macOS 10.13, the Siri integration could use a major improvement.

Auto Unlock Using iPhone

Another welcome feature that Sierra brought forth was a user’s ability to unlock their accounts using an Apple Watch. This was part of Apple trying to bring an internal unification of sorts between all their devices. But when you compare how many people use an Apple Watch and how many of us use an iPhone, you’ll know what we’re talking about. iPhone users across the world are hoping that this will be addressed with the macOS 10.13, and we’re with them.

Redesigned iTunes

Apple did change up Apple Music in the macOS Sierra, but while everyone expected a major overhaul in the overall design of iTunes, they were left disappointed. We understand that Apple believes in making small changes at a given time and executing them right, so there is a big chance we will see an improved interface along with other major design changes.

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Apple macOS 10.13 System Requirements (Probable)

The macOS 10.13 is still several months away from its release, so it’s not possible to know what the system requirements will be. We will do a little bit of guesswork here to tell what models will be compatible with the new update, but it could be close. Whenever Apple updates the information, we’ll be sure to add it here.

  • iMac: Mid 2011 or newer
  • MacBook Pro: Late 2011 or newer
  • MacBook Air: Mid 2011 or newer

macOS 10.13 Beta and Release Date

Going by the stringent pattern that Apple follows, we’re hoping for the macOS 10.13 to be announced at the WWDC 2017. The public Beta should be rolled out within a month after that, and the final macOS 10.13 version will be released by the end of September along with the much-awaited iOS 11.

Wrap Up

The Sierra has been quite the success, and due to that very reason, there are numerous speculations about what Apple has in store for the future of the macOS. Many even think that Apple will usher in a new generation of the macOS in 2017 by going straight to the macOS 11 instead of launching macOS 10.13. We think the chances for that are slim, as the company would have to roll out something extraordinary in order to live up to that, and perhaps the timing is just not right. Whatever be the case, the macOS 10.13 will surely add a bunch of new features that will make being an Apple loyalist a little bit more convenient.

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