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iOS 11 Wishlist Features: An Exclusive Masterpiece

By ioslogin / 6 months ago

iOS 11 Wishlist: Apple recently has launched the latest operating system of the company iOS 10. With its innovative and incredible features, the software has already stunned the fans and tech enthusiasts. But like always, as iOS 10 is getting older with each passing day, people are now more interested to know what the next iteration, iOS 11 is going to offer the users and what would be the features of this upcoming operating system. Albeit the US-based tech conglomerate has not uttered a single word about the probable iOS 11 features, but the information we have gathered from our sources and interviewing many Apple users, we have prepared an iOS 11 wishlist. In this wishlist we have discussed what features Apple may put into this much-anticipated operating system and moreover what features we want to see in iOS 11. So check out the iOS 11 wishlist features below.

iOS 11 Wishlist

iOS 11 wishlist

iOS 11 Wishlist Features Compilation

Control Centre

Although the iOS 10 is very user-friendly and intuitive, the changes to Control Centre can be a bit annoying. The controls are now divided into various ‘tabs’ and the biggest problem of this feature is you can’t see the playback controls while swiping up from the bottom on that first tab, anymore. Now you have to swipe across the other tabs which is an unnecessary as well as annoying step, even if you want to pause or change track while listening to music. So we hope Apple will change the Control Centre in the iOS 11.

Unlocking procedures

Until iOS 9 you can swipe your phone’s screen to unlock the device. But in iOS 10, you have to press the Home Button to unlock the handset. It is very problematic, particularly for those handsets which don’t come with the Touch ID. So we hope Apple will again go back to ‘Swipe to unlock’ mode in the iOS 11.

Camera Settings

The US-based tech giant omitted the ability to change video and slo-mo resolution in the default camera app when they launched the iOS 9. In iOS 10 too, the feature is missing. So in the iOS 11 wishlist, we hope the company will again allow its users to toggle between 4K30 and 1080p60 in the camera app, along with the changes between 720p240 and 1080p120 in the slo-mo mode.

Searching by type

If you want to search anything from your iPhone or iPad, run by iOS 10, you have to command Siri, you just can’t type it, like Microsoft’s Cortana. Now, it is not possible or convenient for us to use our voice to command Siri something, every time. So, we hope Apple will include the “Search by Type” option in the upcoming iOS 11.

Apps protected by Touch ID

Imagine you are using an application which requires authentication to log into the app. Particularly those apps which store our vital and sensitive information. Would not it be great? So we hope Apple will incorporate this technology in iOS 11 and will come up with the option where we can ‘lock’ any application with the Touch ID.

Dark Mode

The ‘Dark Mode’ feature was expected to make its debut in the iOS 10, but that did not happen. Although the company added a ‘Dark Mode’ to tvOS, but there is no option to switch to a dark theme for apps, yet. So if the iOS 11 comes with a ‘Dark Mode’ feature it will be a great help for the users to use their phones at night or in low light.

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