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iOS 11 to Sent Nearly 2 Lakh iPhone Apps to Rest in Piece

By ioslogin / a couple of months ago

The whole world of technology is all set to be taken by a storm with the launch of the latest updated software from the house of Apple. And that is quite expected. This is because over the years we have seen new launches from the house of Apple bringing in some unthinkable changes and if we go by the latest news, there isn’t going to be any exception this time around when Apple launches the iOS 11.

iOS 11 News

It is estimated that more than two lakh apps that are available on the official app store of the Cupertino-based tech giant might just be put to bed with the launch of the new software. An estimated figure of 187,000 apps is going to rendered incompatible with the new software update which is expected to hit the market during the Worldwide Developer Conference scheduled to take place at San Jose in the month of June. And this new update has been provided by one of the most popular app analytics company Sensor Tower.

This is not something that is new to the developers of the apps which are available on the iTunes. A few years the developers of the apps were somewhat forced to update the apps to make it compatible with the latest iPhone that Apple released. It shook the world of apps when the 64-bit processor appeared on the market with the Apple iPhone 5S which denied the users to have a proper usage of a number of apps. And with the launch of the iOS 11 looming large things are all set to get even more complicated.

There are already tweets coming in from the users that once the user is launching an app on their iPhone built on one of the older technology they are getting much stronger warnings than what they used to get on previous occasions. Previously users used to get the message “this app may slow down your iPhone.” However, of late it comes with much more draconian words which read: “this app will not work with future versions of iOS.”

Hence it remains to be a matter of concern how things shape up with the launch of the new software from the house of one of the leading smartphone developing brands in the world.

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