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iOS 11 Likely to Add Screenshot Alert Feature in iMessage App

By ioslogin / a couple of months ago

iOS 11 Latest News: The iMessage app is going the Snapchat way with the upcoming iOS 11, if rumors are to be believed, with a new screenshot alert feature. There had been reports late last year that Instagram too had gone ahead with the screenshot alert feature but these fears were allayed by contradicting reports later. The features were designed so that deleted messages or disappearing messages could be dug up. We must remind you at this point that this is just a rumor and there may not be any substance to it after all.

iOS 11 Screenshot AlertiMessage Screenshot AlertOriginally featured in Snapchat, the screenshot alert feature had one simple task to perform: whenever someone shared your screenshot in any manner or form, you would receive a notification. Initially, the feature had simple steps to complete: when you received a snap, which can be a photo or even a video message, or you viewed a series of broadcast snaps, and then if you took a screen shot of that specific snap or story, the user who sent the said snap or the story would automatically receive an alert that you took a screenshot. This is meant to ensure privacy as well as preventing exploitation of other people’s ideas or concepts. While it is not immediately clear why the feature has been added, the Intellectual Property Rights angle and halting its presumed illegal usage may be on Apple executives’ minds.

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There had been denials from some media outlets, however, that Instagram is not sending notifications every time a user takes a screenshot. The original uploader will only be notified if you take a screenshot of the app’s disappearing message feature. While the engineers at Apple Inc., who are bringing screenshot alert feature in iMessage via iOS 11 update, may have noble intentions at heart, some users of popular social media features will have palpitations merely by hearing about the new past-revealing feature.

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