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iOS 11 Compatibility: Probable List of All Supported Devices

By ioslogin / last month

iOS 11 Compatibility: As Apple has already launched the much-awaited iOS 10 software, fans are now eagerly waiting for the next generation operating system to be released. With every iteration, the US-based tech conglomerate unfolds some new staggering features and the iOS 10 is not an exception. But prior to the iOS 11 release, the biggest question is what we can expect from this operating system and most importantly which devices will support the iOS 11. Here, in this article, we have made a list of the iOS 11 compatible devices, especially the iPhones, iPads and the iPods which are eligible for this upcoming operating system. So before the much-anticipated operating system get released, check out whether your Apple device is having iOS 11 Compatibility or not?

iOS 11 Compatibility

iOS 11 Compatibility

iOS 11 Compatibility (Complete List)


All iPhones which fall under the iPhone 5 series or above, are compatible with the iOS 10 operating system. But for iOS 11, that won’t be the case probably. According to various reports, iOS 11 will only be compatible with iPhone 5S or above smartphones. So, if you are not sure about what is the model number of iPhone, just go to the “Settings” of your handset and click on the “About Phone” option. You will get all the details  about your phone and will be able to check whether your iPhone is compatible with iOS 11 or not.

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s

Will iPhone 5C get iOS 11 Update?

The iPhone 5C, unfortunately, will not receive the iOS 11 update. The reason is the Apple 5C runs on 32-bit apps. The iPhone 5C does not support 64-bit apps. The iOS 11 will only feature 64-bit apps. This means that the iPhone 5and the iPhone 5C will be dropped from the regular retinue of the iPhone and only the iPhone 5S model and onwards will be supported. It is interesting to note that the last released OS, the iOS 10, had dropped support for the Apple iPhone 4. Going by tradition, we expect that support for the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5C will end this iPhone season.


Just like the iPhones, all iPads won’t also be compatible with the iOS 11. The iOS 10 is compatible with iPad Mini 2 and higher models. But for the iPads too, the scenario is going to change for iOS 11. As per our sources, the iOS 11 will only be compatible with the iPad Mini 3 and higher models. So check out the list below:

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch
  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch
  • The iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad 4th generation
  • The iPad Mini 4
  • The iPad Mini 3


For the iPods the compatibility is going to remain the same. Only the iPod Touch 6th Generation is compatible with the iOS 10 and it seems like only this device will be compatible with the iOS 11 too.

  • The iPod Touch 6th-generation

Wrap Up

Folks, you have got an idea which devices are going to be compatible with the upcoming iOS 11 software. So if you don’t possess any of the above-mentioned devices, go to your nearby Apple Store and buy the latest model which would support the iOS 11. If you have any questions regarding iOS 11 Compatibility, then feel free to share that with us as well. We will be more than happy to respond to your queries as early as possible.

Rostock Jammy - a few months ago

Why is the iPhone 5c not compatible but the iPhone 5s is?

    msn - a couple of months ago

    cuz the cpu is different

    Muhammad Mustafa - a couple of months ago

    Because iOS 11 only supports 64 bit processer but iPhone 5c doesn’t have that but the 5s does

    Raff - a couple of months ago

    The iPhone 5c is les powerful than the iPhone 5s and is newer and more powerful

    dudeman - a couple of months ago

    because iphone 5c has an A6 processor chip, while the 5s and above have an A7 or higher processor chip

    Sam - last month

    Apparently you didn’t read the whole article. The iPhone 5 and 5c both use older 32 bit processors, which apple will not be supporting. Everything will be 64 bit from here on out. The iPhone 5s is 64 bit, so it will be supported.

    Joe - 4 weeks ago

    The iPhone 5 and 5c are the same, even though the 5c and 5s got released together. If the 5c was to be the same as the 5s, it would’ve been the “5sc.” I hope that helps. J

    trololol - 4 weeks ago

    its freakin 32 bit

    kalla sudheer - 3 weeks ago

    b coz the 5c runs on the low processor and where as the 5s has the 64 bit that the reason why 5 and 5c will not get the update

    Ibraheem - a couple of weeks ago

    Because the iPhone 5c has a 32-bit processor built in, and the 5s has a 64-bit A7 chip.

Ragnar - a few months ago

Practically all of this is nonsense, and the iPad mini 2 is the EXACT SAME as the iPad mini 3, besides the iPad mini 3 having Touch ID, so there would be no reason for one to not be compatible.

    Matthew - a couple of months ago

    Correct, but one of the main reasons devices lose compatibility is because Apple wants you to get the newer device. eg. When iPhone 4 couldn’t get iOS 8 many people upgraded. It may have been the case that the iPhone 4 wasn’t powerful enough but the iPhone 4S got iOS 9. Depends on the device.

adam - a couple of months ago

But apple is still selling iPad mini 2 through its official webpage. Without a new update the device will be less secure

TheBluHeavy - a couple of months ago

How is the iPad Mini 3 compatible and the iPad Mini 3 isn’t? They have the same specs, so how come the iPad Mini 2 isn’t on the list? :/

    AppleInsidr - a couple of months ago

    It is the same as the iPad mini 2 and is most likely a mistake.

ash - a couple of months ago

its really dumb that the iOS 11 isn’t for iPhone 5 i could understand the 4 or lower but i think the iPhone 5 and above should have the new update apple is so stupid 🙄😠😕🖕🏽

    Takuya - 3 weeks ago

    Bro.. Don’t blame it on Apple. Apple makes software better. Just buy an iPhone 5S or 6 or 7. If I were you I will switch to iPhone 6. Maybe you want an iPad? Buy an iPad Mini 3 or 4! It depends on the device if it will run correctly or not. They are not planning iOS 11 already when they release the iPhone 5. Say some words why it should have? If you update it, your iPhone will be super slow! iPhone 5 can’t run the iOS 10 correctly. Some parts of the iOS 10 is crashing and not working. Tell me. Is your iPhone slow?

    poorwow - a couple of weeks ago

    look at the details first before you rant

Applepro - a couple of months ago

It’s Not that they want you to buy the new ones it’s just that there hardware can’t handle it

The future. - a couple of months ago

ehem, basically the ipad mini 2 and 3 are the same in terms of specs. Its actually rumored that only 64 bit will bit supported. lol

yeswanthjosyula@gmail.com - last month

iOS 11 is the first 64bit written os from apple . All the other are 32 bits and apple made some customisation to them . But now it’s the whole os is written in 64 bit . The iphones with 32 bit processors are unable to run that os. So iPhone 5c isn’t compitable with iOS 11. But 5s is first 64 bit phone so it’s supporting that iOS

McKenna - last month

I’m getting ready to upgrade from an Android. Planning on getting a 5S (It’s 2017) Is it worth it?

Vas1pand2 - last month

Mackenna is worth the money and five s is very comfortable and speedy device (the first device with 64 bit processor)I fully recommend buying this mobile mackenna I am from Greece and I have this mobile 4 years in my possession (I bought it from Apple store in New York ) and I am very pleased with this device .Finally this device will be upgraded to iOS 11 (I hope my English is understandable)

    Shane - last month

    for If you’re looking at the 5S, what about the SE? it’s the iPhone 5S body with the iPhone 6S internals and was sold at a discounted price. So even if it’s $50-$100 extra over the 5S, this would be a worth while investment for a 2016 model vs a 2013 one.

    The iPhone 5C was released at the same time as was the iPhone 5S. It was joked that the “C” stood for cheap snot it had a plastic body and was $100 cheaper vs the iPhone 5S. However, the “C” actually stood for COLOR. The 5C came in a half a dozenn or 8 different colours. The 5C was designed for the Budget minded market and mostly came with specs from the year before and therefore had a 32 bit chip. So come September of 2017, the SS will get the upgrade but the 5C won’t. This year, the bit level of the chip seems to be the factor determining upgradability. Last year, it was mostly based on the port. 30 pin was left behind while lightening devices went on to iOS 10.

    In the article it said that iPad 4 was 64 bit, however, it is a 32 bit device and therefore will not be getting the option to upgrade to iOS 11.

    One more thing to consider, if you’re running an iPhone 5S, you may wish to consider holding off on upgrading to 11 and seeing how the upgrade will run on other iPhone 5S’s. In my iPhone 4S’s last year of upgrade support, it ran quite slow on iOS 10, yet many of the newer features of iOS 10, were unavailable whatsoever. So it maybe wise to not bother going for the upgrade until you weigh the pros and cons.

Jason - 4 weeks ago

Why my iPad Mini 2 not supported while the Mini 3 is? They both have the same processors.

Parker Stephens - 3 weeks ago

If the iPad mini 2 isn’t supported, then the iPhone 5s, iPad mini 3, and the iPad Air aren’t either. The mini 2 uses the same processor as all of these devices.

Shannon - a couple of weeks ago

Why not the iPad mini 2? It’s 64 bit processor and an a7 chip

Roger - a couple of weeks ago

Any Chance for iPad Mini 2 to get iOS 11. Until recently it was on show on Apple Official Page.

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