Developer Discovers the Drag and Drop Support Feature in iOS 11

We might have got introduced to several features of the iOS 11 when the Beta version of it got unravelled at the WWDC a few days back, but we certainly did not hear about anything called the Drag and Drop Support. It seems that a developer (Steven Troughton-Smith) recent has discovered the feature in iOS 11 but right now it has been kept disabled for the users.

iOS 11 Features

It has been said that the Drag and Drop Support feature has been designed especially for the iPad but the developer has now figured out that the feature is suitable for the iPhone as well.  And as far as the detail about the newly discovered feature is concerned, it will allow people to drag any kind of link or image from one application to the other.

This certainly sounds like another favourable facility which the iOS 11 would sport. The feature might be disabled at this moment but Smith has already tried out the Drag and Drop Support by making it work in the iOS emulator. However, it seems that the feature’s performance was just the same when compared to iPad.

We already know about the amount of concentration the Apple officials have put for updating the iPads as many features of the iOS 11 has been designed for the tablet. And now with the discovery of the Drag and Drop Support, we can give some more credits to the developers for thinking about the iPad this time.

However, even the iPhone users are quite exhilarated to see their devices getting equipped with the Drag and Drop Support feature due to which they certainly cannot wait for too long to download the iOS 11.

iOS 11 still has some more time to get rolled out as Apple would be releasing the public Beta version of the upcoming operating system next. For all those who want to download the Beta version, check out our iOS 11 Beta page right now. And if you want to install it later, you need to wait until June end.

The iOS 11 has elevated the excitement level of the Apple users even more and now they are wondering if they would get introduced to some other features or not.

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