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Apple watchOS 4 Release Date, Features, News and Wishlist

By ioslogin / 6 months ago

Apple watchOS 4: Smartwatches are the latest trend the tech geeks are currently drooling over and Apple smartwatches have already been able to take a special place in their heart. The US-based tech conglomerate, with its innovative features and most importantly the user-friendly and intuitive OS has made their fans excited as well as satisfied. The current software Apple uses in their smartwatches, the watchOS 3 is the main reason why the wearables of this company is popular and now Apple is working on to unveil the next version of this software, watchOS 4. The watchOS 3 comes with many interesting features, such as you can unlock your Mac device or switch between watch faces, but now the question is what watchOS 4 will offer to the users. In this one stop article, we have discussed about the Apple watchOS 4 release date, features, wishlist and more.

watchOS 4 Release Date

Apple watchOS 4

Apple watchOS 4 Release Date

Before head towards the probable features and wishlist, lets discuss about the watchOS 4 release date and when the updates will be available. Apple is a company which values the tradition and likes to stick to its yearly release cycle. Generally the US based tech giant launches the new version of iOS, macOS and watchOS during the WWDC event in June.  So we hope the company will release the watchOS 4 in June 2017. The developers will get the chance to download the software in September before it will be released to the general public a couple of months later.

watchOS 4 Features and Wishlist

Sleep Tracking App

The latest version of the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 2 has been launched in June this year and the company has projected the wearable as a fitness tracker. But unlike most of the smartwatches of the recent time, the Apple Watch Series 2 does not come with the sleep tracking functionality. So we hope in the watchOS 4 Apple will finally put in the feature which can track your sleep and will monitor your movement while asleep. According to the many trusted sources and reports, Apple is currently working on a number of new sleep tracking applications, so it seems like it is just a matter of time our wish will turn into reality.

More Customized Watch Faces

With the current watchOS 3, the users have only got the option to select a few stock watch faces. But if the watchOS 4 comes with more options and the ability to create their own customized watch faces, it would be a great feature for the smartwatch lovers. Moreover, the Android Wear offers the same feature to their users already. So Apple should include this feature as early as possible to stay in the competition.

Connections with other Apple devices

It would be a standout feature if Apple finally enables its users to synchronise their Apple Watch to numerous iSO devices, in the upcoming watchOS 4. So if the upcoming software allows the AppleWatch to connect with the iPad and iPhones, it would be a great inclusion.

The Digital Crown button customization

Placed on the side of the Apple Watch, the Digital Crown button provides extra functionality to the Apple Watch users. So if the upcoming Apple watchOS 4 comes with such feature by which the users will be able to change the default behaviour of the Digital Crown button, like opening a certain app or directly going to the clock screen, it would make the wearable more ergonomic.

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