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Apple iOS 11 Concept Shows Off Split screen and Dark Mode

By ioslogin / a couple of months ago

A stunning new concept design of the upcoming iOS 11 has shown off a number of features that may make this year’s iOS experience that much more special. The much touted Dark Mode has been shown to be up and running. The previous iOS version had the Night Shift mode which merely reduced the display to a pale yellowish color and did not act as a true night mode. The latest concept design shows off the fact that the UI elements on the operating system themselves can now be darkened. This is in stark contrast to previous iterations which acted as a blue light filter. The new feature enhances usability and comfort for the eyes in low-light environments.

iOS 11 Concept

Another of the great features which the new concept design features is the Group FaceTime feature. This is in line with our previous Wishlist for the iOS 11. Among the best features of the Group FaceTime app is the fact that you do not need to install or activate any app. The group feature, naturally, enables multiple users to use the group video chat feature. The new feature will hopefully work in tandem with the upcoming Apple iPhone 8’s enhanced front cameras to provide users with the best commercially available video-calling feature in the market.

The third and very enticing feature that can be seen in the concept video involves a feature which, till now, has been restricted to the Android OS. This is the ‘Split Screen’ feature. Simply double-tap on the home button and the screen will be drawn down. This will make multitasking, in the form of two applications running simultaneously, possible.

A better Siri is also on the cards. Siri has been facing increasing competition from Samsung’s Bixby, rumored to be shipping with the upcoming Galaxy S8. The digital assistant seems to have gotten smarter, pun intended. It is seen to be faster and comes up with witty and accurate responses. We might be well on our way to a real-life JARVIS if the hype holds true. You can watch the full iOS 11 Concept Video right here:

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